Because traditional Multi Material Printing is an incredibly wasteful process. Medusa solves this problem.

Medusa switches material infinitely faster than “IDEX” multi material systems, saving tons of time each Multi Material print. Eg. with IDEX systems, a 25 second hotend change, twice each layer over a 2500 layer print will consume around 34 hrs – what a waste! On the same print, Medusa will consume 0.8hrs while changing hotends.

On the other hand, a typical single nozzle, dual input (2/1), multi material hotend requires a ~35x35mm SOLID purge block to be printed along side each Multi Material print.  This wasteful purge block consumes 14g of filament PER CM of Z height regardless of your print size.   Medusa does away with this waste as it does not require a purge block or ooze shield.

Example of an ooze shield (right)
Before (right) and After (left) an example of the wasteful ooze shield. Wastes printing time and filament.
This purge block (right) is solid and weights significantly more than the target print. What a waste!

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