Elevator Fully Enclosed. Kit Build and Fully Assembled

Elevator Naked. Kit Build and Fully Assembled

Standard Build Volume1000w x 660d x 500h (mm)
Extruders2x Bondtech BMG
Hotends2x Slice Mosquito Magnum
Multi Material SystemMedusa
Motherboard Bigtreetech GTR 32 Bit
Positional Accuracy X Y6 Micrometer (160 Steps per mm)
Positional Accuracy Z4 Micrometer (240 Steps per mm)
FirmwareMarlin 2.x
ControllerTouch Screen and native Marlin
ConnectivitySD Card, USB, Wifi (optional)
Resume on Power OutYes – UPS required to park printer
Filament runout sensorsYes
Automatic Bed MappingYes, Unified Bed Leveling
Heated BedYes, Supplied (SSR Software Controlled)
Build PlatformNo – Not supplied
Stepper Motors X1x Nema 17
Stepper Motors Y2x Nema 17
Stepper Motors Z1x Nema 23
Power110/240v 250w
Power Heated Bed110/240v 3500w *Duty cycle reduced to 1500w
Assembly requiredYes. Full assembly and wiring
SupportYes. Unlimited free support

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