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The Beast V2

Industrial grade, large scale 3D Printer
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FULLY DOCUMENTED BUILD Detailed, Illustrated Manual (Download here)

Update: Product Availability.

Our new product, Elevator, will be available for Pre Order via Kickstarter.com mid August 2020 for estimated pre Christmas delivery.

UPDATE :Due to the imminent release of our new flagship product "Elevator", we cannot take orders for The Beast V2. Elevator will be available in a range of sizes and hotend configurations and will replace The Beast V2. At this stage, we are yet to finalise pricing, however we can say that Elevators price point will be roughly the same and in some configurations less than that of our existing product The Beast V2. We've spent the last 2 years refining and tweaking the design of Elevator and are confident Elevator is a better product in every single aspect. Full pre release details will be available here soon. In the mean time, we invite you to look at our pre-Covid pre release teaser here https://youtu.be/PoEU8lCILOI . If you'd like to be notified of any updates, please send an email to [email protected] to be added to our mailing list.


The Beast V2

a BIG 3D Printer for even BIGGER ideas.

Following the success of its predecessor, The Beast V1, we’re proud to introduce the newest in The Beast Family, the long awaited “The Beast V2”.

Rather than tack on some new additions to our old design, we’ve taken the feedback and experience accumulated over the past 2 years and completely redesigned our Large Scale 3D printer from the ground up with much improved accuracy, reliability and ease of use.

Having produced thousands of the V1 model, we gained vast experience from our customers and our usage as to where our design could be improved. Now with the benefit of this experience, “The Beast V2” is the culmination of non stop re-design, re-evaluation and 1000’s of hours of testing since the successful funding of our first model over 2 years ago.


Detailed Features and Specifications

Huge Print Volume 500 x 490 x 690 mm, 19.6 x 19.3 x 27.1 inches * For single hotend.
Heated Print Bed Heated upto 120 degrees
Layer Resolution 100 - 800 microns
Dual Material Printing Optional 2 input, 1 output Hotend for Dual Material/Colour Printing
Compatible Materials All materials that print at 300 degrees or less
Travel Speed Up to 250 mm/s
XYZ Positional Accuracy 6.25, 6.25, 1.25 microns
Nozzle Sizes 0.15mm - 1.2mm Available
Supported Filament Brands Non-proprietaty - All 1.75mm filament spools supported
Filament Detection Pause job on out of filament detection
Print Speed Up to 16 mm3/s
Control Options Standalone SD Card Printing and Computer Tethered Printing
Print Plate Leveling Auto Leveling Sensor and Mechanical Locking Features
Machine Dimensions 755 x 755 x 1080 mm
Weight 47Kg
Flexible Design Easily Modifiable / Customizable Design


Compare our 3D Printer to other popular models. Ours is cheaper, and in many cases, better featured

The Beast V2

  • Kit Build
  • Build Volume 490x500x670mm
  • Enclosed Build Area: Yes
  • Hotends : 4x Max (V6)
  • Layer Resolution : 100 Microns
  • Synchronous Printing : Max 4x
  • Multimaterial (on single object) :Yes (Up to 3 Hotends)
The Gigabot is much more expensive.  The Beast is the Best, Large format 3D printer

Gigabot 3+

  • Kit Build
  • Build Volume 590x600x600mm
  • Enclosed Build Area: No
  • Hotends : 2 Max
  • Layer Resolution : 100 Microns
  • Synchronous Printing : No
  • Multimaterial (on single object) :Yes (2 Hotends)
The Ultimaker is a great 3D printer, however it's very expensive and not even half the build volume of The Beast

Ultimaker 3

  • Pre Assembled
  • Build Volume 215x215x305mm
  • Enclosed Build Area: No
  • Hotends : 2 Max
  • Layer Resolution : 200 Microns
  • Synchronous Printing : No
  • Multimaterial (on single object) :Yes (2 Hotends)

Boasting a truly massive build volume of nearly 500x500x690, we’ve added nearly 20% volume to our build envelope.  This means you could for example, print a whole chair in one piece, duplicate a small child, print massive sculptures or perhaps an entire Cuirass (chest armour) in once piece for your next cosplay event. 


For the price, The Beast V2 is the the best featured large 3D printer available

Many 3D printers use proprietary components which limit the print quality to that of the supplied hotend. The Beast V2 is supplied with industry leading V6 Hotends, as well compatible with nearly every other hotend on the market. In the unlikely event you don’t like the Hotends we supply? Feel free to source and use your own. Chances are it’s compatible.

As well as the full range of E3D nozzles, our printer can support E3D’s new .15mm nozzles and a layer height of just .01mm for an industry leading level of detail. This is also made possible through the use of Titan geared extruders (included), available in either direct drive or bowden extrusion configurations.

The method of changing hotends or hotend configurations has been refined and simplified so that it can now be done in a matter of minutes.


The Cyclops allows for multi material printing and is a product option to purchase with The Beast V2

Levelling the print bed of any 3D printer is absolutely crucial to print success, as well as finicky and frustrating, this is amplified greatly when you are using a print bed that is 535mm2.

Thankfully, as part of one of our most significant improvements in the V2 system, we have implemented a completely new, 2 part system that involves an auto leveling sensor and an easy to adjust mechanical system the permanently links all Z axis together. This make initial levelling as easy as possible and more importantly, it helps to ensure the bed stays level.


Nearly all FDM 3D printer filaments on the market!

Having a heated bed and enclosed build area means a much wider array of materials can be used with the V2 printer.

ABS, PLA, Nylon, PET, PETG, Ryno, Carbon Fibre Filled, CopperFill, Ninjaflex, NylonX, ASA, PP, TPE, PCTPE, TPU, Soft PLA, Laybrick, Woodfill, Conductive, CeramicFill, Proto Pasta Stainless and Steelfill, Magentic Iron PLA, Polycarbonate, Bendlay, Moldlay, Continuous Fibre, PVA, HIPS, LayaPVA and more.., This list is not exhaustive, new materials are continually being release, most are made with E3D standard hotends and nozzles in mind (supplied as standard with the Beast V2).


Our 3D Printer can be used to print multiple colours on the same 3D print, or multiple materials such as soluble supports

The Beast v2 features dual-extrusion technology, capable of MULTI-COLOUR or MULTI-MATERIAL printing. Applications include:

Dual colour printing - Demonstrative and aesthetically pleasing product models, it is possible even to use transparent and opaque materials on the same object Multi Material - Uniquely functional objects through the use of dissimilar materials e.g. rigid and flexible materials combined to create flexible joints Support Material - Print previously impossible designs with the use of WATER SOLUBLE support materials


The Beast v2 has the ability to use 4 hotends and extruders to replicate 4 of the same print jobs (one object or a whole set of objects) at the same time, effectively reducing print and production time by 300%.

It is also possible to use different colours and materials on each of the extruders in this configuration.


Synchronous printing is optional.  Add additional hotends to your 3D Printer to allow for Synchronous - Ditto printing

Newly implemented radial fans and custom ducts ensures better cooling, high quality bridges, sharp edges and improved surface finish. Effective cooling is also extremely beneficial when increasing print speeds and flow rates.


Our part cooling is greatly improved.  We're using better quality components to ensure the best possible quality print.

We now officially support Simplify3D. We have optimized profiles for a variety of configurations and application, with detailed information on customisation. Simplify3D offers a superior build quality to many of the open source slicers available. Simplify3D is also the only slicer we've tested to work well with very large nozzle sizes such as those used with the E3D Volcano.

The Beast v2 is also still compatible with all the open source slicers, Slic3r, Cura etc. Along with alternative paid options.


We now have offical support of simplify 3D

The Beast v2 a full enclosure with port for standard 100mm (4 inch) ducting. Enclosing the build area results in a much more stable temperature through the duration of long prints and helps to improve print quality and eliminate artifacts caused by temperature variation and unwanted airflow.

The ducting option is perfect for use in situations where the printer is installed in an office or any indoor environment where the molten plastic fumes need to be removed.


The V2 unit has been designed with ease of build high on the list of priorities. At around 50% of the original V1 build time, you can be up and printing with the V2 in as little as one day.

Prioritizing simplicity with much fewer components and joints, has the added advantage of creating a structure which is more solid and accurate, requiring less maintenance, increased reliably and reduced down time.

We have also simplified the wiring to an enormous degree, with custom cables and looms, all components now simply plug into one and other or use a screw terminal.


At .05mm layer height, you cant see layers with the naked eye. Surfaces are smooth to touch and dusty in appearance. Our printer can print solid objects right down to .01mm. Just how fine (or coarse) you set the layer height is entirely up to you. Because our printer utilizes 3rd party, non proprietary slicing software such as Simplify3D and Slic3r, layer heights are infinitely adjustable to suit your needs.


Our large 3D printer can also print extremely fine detail.
Download herel


A Detailed Build Manual from the V1.2 Large Format 3D Printer

The Beast V2 - Pre orders closed. Email [email protected] for updates to pre order availability.

The Beast V2 - Pre orders closed. Email [email protected] for updates to pre order availability.

Out of stock

The Beast V2 Comes with absolutely everything required to build a fully functional single hotend printer. Additional hotends will be required in order to take advantage of Synchronous printing or Multi-material Printing.
Build time varies depending on your level of experience with Kits and 3D Printers. As little as 12 build hrs can be required to start printing. More for those who have little 3D Printing experience. To see our assembly document online : Download here.

Don't miss out. The Beast V2 will only be available on Pre Order. 5th round pre orders now open until 31st Dec 2019, Shipping March 2020. Be part of something really big!

Tools Required Hex Screw Driver Set (to suit m3 and m5 socket screws)
Long Nose Pliers
Small Spanner/Wrench Set to Suit M5 Bolts
Motor Grease / Lubricant
Small Spirit Level
Small L-Square
IEC 13 Cable to Suit your Country's power outlet type
IEC 19 Cable to Suit your Country's power outlet type
In the box 1x The Beast V2 Pro Kit
1x V6 Hotend
1x Heated Bed with Borosilicate Glass Bed
1x 110v/240v Switchable Power Supply
1x Printed Build Manual

Please note that any and all customs duties and import taxes are the sole responsibility of the buyer.

More Information

12 Month manufacturers worldwide replacement warranty applies to “non consumable” parts only.
In general “non consumable” parts are 3D printed or laser cut, but also includes all elements of the printer frame such as aluminium extrusions and fixings as well as wiring. The power supply, emergency stop button, motors, electronics control board are also deemed non consumable components, however the stepper drivers which plug into the electronics control board are not.

3 month manufacturers worldwide replacement warranty applies to “consumable” parts.
In general “consumable” parts are those which contain moving parts or are subject to heat and wear. These include bearings, fans, hotends, thermistors, heater blocks, stepper drivers, delrin wheels and connectors.
The glass bed is deemed a non-warranty component and will only be replaced if it is damaged in shipping.
Regardless of warranty status, all components are replaceable through Cultivate3D Pty. Ltd. Please contact us via email [email protected] or visit our website for more information.