Is a kit build 3D Printer right for me?

Building a 3D Printer of any scale is achievable by virtually anyone with some exceptions. We have done our best to make the process as clear as possible however we do expect some may struggle with certain concepts. For this reason, we offer free unlimited support to all our customers throughout the build process. Typically support questions are responded to within hours.  Regardless of support, building a 3D Printer Kit can be a challenging task, especially for those who’ve not embarked on a project like this before.

This build isn’t for absolute beginners. The kit build requires full assembly and wiring according to our build documentation. At the very least being comfortable with a screw driver and the ability to follow the build instructions is a must. In addition to this, we have identified a number of traits of customers with whom will experience the greatest ease of assembly and success with their printer as follows.

  • Persistence. For some, this build may take weeks.
  • Aptitude for basic modular electronics (connecting multiple electronic modules together with wires).
  • Previous experience with Electro Mechanical Kit builds ie. CNC, Laser Cutter, 3D Printer, Robotics, Radio Control.
  • Ability to use google effectively to quickly problem solve. (This isn’t us being lazy. A significant proportion of the support questions we answer could have been answered within seconds by simply typing the question into google or searching our build document). Never the less, we will respectfully answer all support questions quickly.  
  • Good communication with the ability to phrase technical questions with sufficient detail to result in relevant answers. – “My printer stopped printing” is NEVER enough information.

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