Money cant buy a better hotend.

Still struggling with V6 hotends? Random hotend blockages for no apparent reason? So were we. For years. Then we discovered Slice Engineering Mosquito Magnum Hotends. Designed to address the difficulties with existing technology such as heat creep, Mosquito hotends are infinitely more reliable. Need we say more?

Changing nozzles can be a one handed task, no more gripping your (hot) heaterblock with pliers while unscrewing the nozzle with a spanner, slipping and snapping off wires. Unlike V6 hotends, Mosquito Hotends aren’t slot mounted and don’t rotate. One spanner is all it takes to change the nozzle. Easy.

See, one hand.
Notice the instant change in heat between the heater block and cold zone? This prevents heat creep blockages.

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