In a nutshell, what makes Elevator so special?

  • Elevator is a HUGE, easily user scalable Multi Material 3D Printer, comes either fully enclosed or “naked”.
  •  Elevator is entirely belt driven.  There are no leadscrews in this printer.  This results in no “Z WOBBLE” . (A common defect that effects the quality of 3D printed parts and occurs with printers with lead/ball screw motion systems). 
  •  Elevator features our new “Medusa” Multi Material Printing system  – saving tons of filament and time.
  • Unlike standard “E3D Chimera style 2/2” Multi Material systems,  Medusa does not ooze material all over your print.  With Medusa, the out of use hotend is always blocked, ready to change materials in the blink of an eye. 
  •  Unlike IDEX and Single Nozzle Multi Material Systems, to change material, Medusa does not require a wasteful purge block or wipe shield. 
  • Medusa switches material infinitely faster than “IDEX” multi material systems, saving tons of time each Multi Material print. Eg. with IDEX systems, a 6 second hotend change, twice each layer over a 1000 layer print will consume around 3.3 hrs – what a waste! On the same print, Medusa will consume 0.2hrs while changing hotends.
  • A typical single nozzle, dual input, multi material hotend requires a ~35x35mm SOLID purge block to be printed along side each Multi Material print.  This wasteful purge block consumes 14g of filament PER CM of Z height regardless of your print size.   Medusa does away with this waste as it does not require a purge block or wipe shield.

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