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    Hi Folks,

    This is a new mount for V1 and V2 Owners to suit the Slice Mosquito Magnum Hotends. V2 Owners will need to remove the rear Makerslide extrusion to fit the mount. This is *meant* to be for laser cutting, however I have ALSO included modified front mount STL and IPT files for 3D Printing.

    Here’s the parts list :

    3x M5 60mm (Could maybe use 55mm)

    3x M5 Nylock Nuts

    2x Eccentric nuts (M5)

    1x 20mm Fan

    2x M2.5 35mm screws

    2x M2.5 12mm screws

    1x 5015 Blower Fan

    1x Blower Fan Adapter (STL to print)

    2x Small Spacer (STL to print)

    3x Long Spacer (STL to print)

    1x Front Mount (STL to print)

    1x Rear Mount (STL to print)

    3x Delrin Dual V Wheels

    1x M5 Washer

    1x Length of 1/2″ CNC Coolant hose

    All model files are attached.

    Download complete model files here : http://cultivate3d.com/pub/media/MosMountpackngo.zip


    For V2 Owners, STL including Touch Sensor Holder can be downloaded here : https://cultivate3d.com/pub/media/v2mOS-mOUNT.stl

    and IPT file here : https://cultivate3d.com/pub/media/v2mOS-mOUNT.ipt

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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