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    Note: In order to switch materials, a retraction distance of of 41mm must be set in your slicers “tool change retraction distance”.

    I’ve been doing some searching on how to implement this and have found some scripts for this but I’m not well versed in gcode to really understand what’s happening in these scripts. Can someone post a sample script or a frame work where I can enter in the variables specific to our printer into S3D?


    It’s already done. We have a sample profile on our website. Download the Multimaterial profile and look in the scripts tab. There you’ll see a start script from memory which is essentially the magic required to make tool changing work. Under the advanced tab? You’ll see a tool change retraction distance option. It should already be set. Now it’s just a matter of selecting the tool head you’d like to use for each part of the print (perimeters- tool1 and infill tool2 for example).

    Not in the office till the 2nd so going off my memory with those menu names at the moment.

    Link for profiles https://cultivate3d.com/media/The%20Beast%20Multimaterial%20×2.fff


    Never mind after some more reading and searching through S3D settings, the above settings are in > Other > Tool Change Retraction, and if you download the the profile from C3D it’s already in the Beast V2 profile…something else to add to the manual.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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