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    Here’s something for ya’ll to think about.

    Heat creep – in the 3D printing world, its got a bad reputation. Its blamed for most hotend blockages and can be a massive pain in the arse to clear. But before you go and take your frustration out on your hotend. Consider this : What if the heat creep was a symptom of something else? What if the heatcreep you’re most likely to encounter was being blamed when the real culprit was your Titan extruders incapacity to deal with minor blockages, either due to the bed being too close or over extrusion?

    Imagine this :

    Titan extruder, V6 and less than perfect bed leveling. Titan extruder pushes filament through the Bowden tube, into the V6, the V6 melts the filament and puts it down to the bed. But..if there’s an area of the bed in which the nozzle becomes too close, the Titan extruder chews some filament, if the blockage isn’t too bad, the Titan recovers, puts down a little more filament, then perhaps chews a little more and the cycle continues until filament is too chewed and printing now stops.

    Generally in this scenerio, when one does discover this has been happening, it may be after an hour or so of the printer putting down nothing. The user stops the printer and immediately tries to pull the filament, only to find out – they can’t or if they can, when replacing the filament to restart, finding that the nozzle is now blocked. The immediate thought now is heatcreep. In actual fact often this is exactly what happend. Nozzle got too close, extruder pushed a little and chewed a little – filament now moving not so fast through hotend – heatcreep kicks in, and now your hotend is really blocked. Its a bit like finding firefighters at the scene of a fire, just because they’re always there, doesnt mean they caused it.

    My direct drive system on the V2 started giving me lots of grief, especially over large prints with large surface area contacting the bed. In desperation I grabbed a BMG extruder from the V3 prototype, screwed it in place of the Titan and guess what – problems disappeared. My feeling is that the filament grab of the BMG is such that instead of chewing the filament when the bed becomes a little too close, the BMG extruder smashes the filament out regardless. In this example, over the first few layers of a print, this results in filament moving through the hotend much more readily instead of getting stuck, chewed, softening and then causing a heat creep blockage.

    Changing to a BMG extruder is as easy as it gets, regardless of whether you use a direct drive or bowden system. The mounting holes are the same as the Titan extruders, so simply unscrew the Titan extruder and Screw in its place the BMG. You may nee to flip your motor wires over to reverse the direction of the extruder motor as they way the BMG gearing works out, the gears that actually pull filament move in the other direction.

    It really is that simple and may just make your printing experience a lot more hassle free.



    FYI. All Beast printers will be sold with BMG extruders from now on.


    Can you give us a part # so we can order the right parts?


    Bond tech are the original designers. I’ve compared their product to a Trianglelab clone:

    Bond tech https://www.bondtech.se/en/product/bmg-extruder/



    The differences I could find between the two was the Trianglelab seems to be a very slight modification to the outer case ( larger corner bezel at the top of the outer case) and the Bondtech is a very nice 3D Printed nylon sintered case where as the Trianglelab is an injection moulded casing. Both performed extremely well in my tests on both a v1, v2 and V3 prototype. The Trianglelab was was used in both Direct drive and Bowden configurations. All tests yielded identical results regardless of manufacturer. Take your pick. If you’d like to support the original designer, go the Bondtech. If you, like me want to dip your toe in before investing in the Bondtech, the Trianglelab performs extremely well and arguably has a slightly better overall finish (they’re both very good) due to the manufacturing process employed.

    Oh the trianglelab also came with the parts to mount the extruder upside down. The Bondtech did not.


    What parts would I need to order to mount the extruder upside down?


    Technically not any… the BMG doesn’t need to mounted upside down. The triangle lab version allows this the Bondtech doesn’t.

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