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    Hi to all,

    The following is a CNC build taken from the config files of my Beast printer.

    I was asked to repair an ISEL desktop cnc by the local high school as I am sometimes involved with a mentoring program of sorts with the students, more about going from classroom to reality.

    That said the work was done and eventually the unit turned up back with me as no one really had time to do the set ups etc.

    I decided I would completely rebuild it and have it do everything that was possible within one machine, or at least what I could fit in.

    The ISEL desktop mill is a robust machine and quite capable with a 500w 240v included motor.

    The motor spindle has an in house threaded collet which was several hundred dollars to replace, so that meant ebay for a 48v motor and ER11 collets.

    The belt drives were able to be replaced from a factory in Melbourne but I then found slippage with no tensioning available, so out it came and a direct drive coupling put in place to the external wall.

    The lift struts being 20 + years old had not worked , so replacing them from local supplier was easy enough.

    All in all about $1200 in fittings, the rest of components were 3D printed and all harnesses were made at home.


    working size is 200x 170 x Z92, a good little size for most things.

    Tools made or purchased.

    Laser chinese 8w pwm 12v

    Spindle motor 48v 400w ER11

    Stanley and exacto drag knife

    Rowland vinyl knife

    3D printer run on E1 with an option to run a second extruder E0 with the alternate firmware

    Rotary axis running E1, there was quite a trial to get this code to rotate the actual axis

    Plotter pen

    Usually I stay with Rumba as it has quite a capability to start with but in this case I had a 2560 Megaboard with ramps 1.3 and 128×20 lcd

    The housing was printed for the lcd, acrylic and aluminium was machined on my Multicam1212.


    48v PSU for Gecko 540

    48v PSU for spindle motor

    220vac ATX for 12,5v supplies

    48v to 24v dc to dc down converter for door solenoid and motor relay


    The system changes mode as usual via the M450 series commands

    Laser Pin 4 pwm

    Motor Pin 6 Pwm

    Case light Pin5 M355s1 or s0

    Heat bed 12v driven direct off ramps

    E0 set with “0”type thermistor, implying it is used for other purposes. The thermistor and heater for E1 must be connected before E0 will rotate, no heat needed, just connected.

    E1 set as 3D filament extruder

    Inductance sensor linked to Z min such that when the machine homes x and y go to minimum, Z goes to maximum and displays 92mm. From there you lower Z to whatever height works for your tools, wasteboard etc and place the inductor sensor near metal, the Z axis will zero. Very sweet to see.

    With the unit being destined to go to school children I put in quite a few safety barriers, door must be closed before power can be supplied, additional relays latched before laser or motors operate. 3d printing door can be opened.

    Having built in a lot of safety there is always a chance I will need to get into while system is operating and so I went to Uilang.h file, changed the menu for ps pin, atx on / off and changed it to “Safety Over ride”. From there I place a relay controlled from Ps_on pin(12) via a key switch to by pass the door lock. Yes it is a misnomer to build safety in and then over ride it. But two things were obvious, 1 wanted to do it”just in case” and 2, I had a key switch in my parts draw for 30 odd years never used. A sound judgement call.

    ATX power on off M80/M81

    There was not a lot of room to get all additional wiring in, but once the X axis was externally mounted then that presented a good opportunity to open the frame up with some filing.

    Two firmware versions written up, one with E0 as rotary or TOCK etc and one with E0 as an extruder.

    If you wanted to increase the number of extruders with a ramps then you can purchase a rampsXB which will run up to 5 extruders. Same could be done with rumba, as I did for my diamond 5 filament head.

    All in all a good project, for the money you can’t go wrong, my time in this was about 6 weeks solid and I used up a lot of spare equipment laying around, which was another good outcome.

    ### Converting E0 to rotary or as an additional extruder:

     When “E0” is used as rotary axis, within the Post Processor swap “A” for “E0”,


    #define NUM_EXTRUDER 2 // leave as is if changing to two filaments

    #define SHARED_EXTRUDER_HEATER 0  // warwick , set this to 1 if using duel extruder nozzle”chimera, cyclops etc”

    #define EXT0_STEPS_PER_MM 5.55  // (5.5=200×10/360) change steps for rotary ratio or for extruder, multiply by rotary gear ration, 3:1, 6:1 etc, Titan = 261.59, BMG type = 3:1 = 200*3 = 600(gecko is 10:1 stepper driver)

    #define EXT0_TEMPSENSOR_TYPE 0 // warwick use “0” as a fake to use this extruder as rotary axis, or “1”

    #define EXT0_JAM_PIN -1  // warwick ,for filament out try”#define EXT1_JAM_PIN ORIG_X_MAX_PIN”

    #define EXT0_JAM_PULLUP 0 // if using filament out set this to “1”

    Following defined into config.h to run rotary and enable normal fan, extruder and bed heater(non conflicting pins).#define HEATER_3_PIN       57 // warwick , defined for rotary axis

    #define TEMP_3_PIN          3 // or A4  warwick , defined for rotary axis

      To change menu label for safety over ride goto uilang.h about line 588  in firmware ide

    E0 code sample:

    G21; Set units to milimeters

    G90; Set absolute coordinates

    G92 E0; Reset extruderG28 X0 Y0 Z0; Home x , y and Z axis

    M83                   ;  sets extruder to relative mode

    M302 S1           ; allows cold extrusion – normally temp needs to be 150c or more, no heater on this pin  

    G1 E0 E-45.0 F1000           ; moves head -45 degrees at speed 1000mm minute

    G1 E0 E90.0 F1000           ; moves head +90 degrees at speed 1000mm minute

    Isel mill currently has Repetier GCode firmware.it supports Laser, 3D and cnc milling is the default mode.

    Input these commands to beginning of each PP for each function>

    M451> PrinterMode:FFF






    Im looking for a new mill for the 8t and want what everyone else looks for power and milage

    rb b9
    extech .21

    these are some that i have been looking at but reallythinking about the b9 luck storing welcome thanks


    Really appreciate your input on this. Sorry I didn’t notice earlier. Our email notification system has been down for quite some time without knowing. Should be fixed.

    Love your work by the way.

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