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    Hello there!

    I am relatively new to 3D printing and have been tasked with getting a Beast V1.2 up and running for my work. It was set up by someone before me and after going through the documentation, everything looks proper. The machine is set up with a single printhead and has the v6 hotend installed.

    I am currently facing an under-extrusion problem which seems to be caused by a clogged nozzle/hotend assembly. So I cleaned it out today and ran some cleaning filament through the system directly by hand. When it was running clean, I removed it and tried to push some PLA-pro through the same way, but it seemed to be immediately clogged up again- no PLA would extrude, and it looks like the clog is back. I am cleaning again. In going back over things, I did not do the hot tighten as written per https://e3d-online.dozuki.com/Guide/V6+Assembly/6 as my printer only goes up to 240 degrees C and the hot tighten requires 285 degrees C.

    My questions are:

    Is it possible to increase the max allowed temperature The Beast V1.2 lets me set, and if so how?

    Is it possible that the temperature sensor units is actually reading F instead of C and giving me lower temperatures?

    Do you have any suggestions to avoid heat creep with the v6 hotend?

    I am still researching and troubleshooting, but any help would be appreciated!

    Thanks and happy printing!



    The firmware can be modified, I finally reworked my printer after ~4 years of the OE setup with the original extruders and Merlin hotends to basically the same setup. What extruder is your machine running, I would assume the Titan? I updated to the Triangle Labs BMG clone extruder so settings with it should be similar to the titan with the 3:1 ratio. I updated my firmware to 1.0.3 and am working on a few more tweaks to fix a hair over extrusion during printing. My most recent print I was able to manually turn it down to 95% from the LCD before printing completely started and it seemed to play nicer so will make some corrections as I go along.

    For your firmware, you can go to the online configurator for Repeiter and tweak your configuration.h file then reflash the firmware or you can find “# define MAXTEMP [temp]” & “# define UI_SET_MAX_EXTRUDER_TEMP [temp]” and change the values to 285, you may have to go farther down the code to catch 2 other notes for temp labeled similarly (used ctrl+f on the temp in notepad++). I set mine to 280 and never messed with it again and did the hot set off that, haven’t had an issue with anything yet.

    I can provide the updated firmware I am currently on if you would like however if there are variations in the build it may still cause a few issues. you can use the configuration.h that you currently have and load it to the new configurator and download a whole new firmware package after making adjustments, just don’t forget to replace the repetier logo with the beast logo to keep the beast flair ;)

    As for you’re temperature sensor question, unless the conversion is done in the firmware for F, I would assume its reading low. If could be that it is not making a good enough connection to the block to get an accurate reading but being that its a V6 I would assume its the thermister in the metal tube secured in the heat block like mine is and its just not allowed to get hot enough through the firmware.

    Heat creep shouldn’t be nearly an issue with the V6 as long as you have the fan on the cooling tower.

    Hope this helps,


Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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