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    So I learned something today…I thought I was adjusting the stepper driver voltage with a small phillips screw driver. I was having difficulty actually changing the voltage no matter how I turned the potentiometer. I was trying to be careful and not force anything. According to Dan’s instructions the purple DRV8825 boards have rotation limited to 360* but mine seemed to spin indefinitely as well as not adjust the voltage. I finally pulled the driver out to have a look to see if anything was happening when I adjusted the potentiometer and lo and behold the potentiometer was not being turned with the phillips head screw driver. I tried a small flat head screw driver and the potentiometer was now turning, voltage is now adjusting, and now my Y axis is not skipping steps, WOOHOO!! Make sure to read Dan’s write up on adjusting voltage on the drivers…he specifically states to use a flat head screw driver…RTFM!!

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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