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    Unfortunately I already destroyed 2x Hotend mounts while trying to assemble the Hotends. The diameter of the hotend passive cooler is bigger than the diameter of the hotend mounts – see attached files.


    Or am I trying to put something completely wrong together here?

    The manual does not deal well enough with “how to connect the assembled hotend into the mount kit”.

    In an older manual version the hotend mounts look completely different.

    Compare e.g. with Manual v.2.0.1 / Did you change the construction here? I guess yes.

    I ordered a 4x synchronous printer, but ll I only mount it with one hotend in the beginning.

    (not only because of missing parts…which I’ll report via form soon)

    Can you also provide the spare parts as printable files so the customer can print them quickly on their own if needed?

    Would help me a lot because i am living in Germany….


    Nothing you’re doing wrong, just looks like the laser cutter was tuned a little too well this time. I’ll cut and send some more. Just fill out the spare parts order form from the footer of our website when ready. Please read the form before sending it off.

    I’ll email the files to you.in the mean time.



    Hi, Dan,

    the email has arrived, thank you very much, super support.

    One of the main reasons for breaking the hotend mount is probably that the hotend mounting plate is being thicker than the passive cooler cut.

    Caliper measurements showed approx. 5.8mm for the recess cut in the passive cooler, while the mounting plate has a height of 6mm.

    See also pictures:




    The “fan plate” also broke (see red marked crosses in picture below) because the hotend mounting plate’s mounting noses have too little tolerance and therefore too much tension on the fan plate.

    Suggestion: Change the construction of the corners slightly and give them more “air” – as shown highly exaggerated in green:



    Evidently it appears not all “6mm” acrylic is at or anywhere near 6mm.

    2 Parts, both cut with “6” mm acrylic. The hotend mounts provided with the V6, Acrylic measures 6mm on the dot. The other “6mm” acrylic measure 5.85mm, perfect for the V6 hotend.


    Thanks for helping identify this issue. I’ll have to be a little more specific with my Acrylic suppliers. I’ve got plenty of both Acrylic sheet in stock so will cut some more when the spare parts order form comes through.

    Sorry about the inconvenience.


    Just measured some “6mm” Acrylic. Looks like the thickness varies from 5.4mm-6.05mm even across the one sheet 😯 ! Definitely test fitting these parts in the future before shipping them out. Phew! What a pain.

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