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    1) The grub screw fixing the z motor transition collar to the motor shaft did NOT have enough room on the shaft to fasten securely. We literally had to sand the brass transition collar surface down to make enough room for the grub screw.

    2) The cable chain provided was inadequate to do both x and y axes. We ended up purchasing two narrower cable chains and 3D printing additional parts to fix them in place. Two higher-quality chains and mounting parts should come standard.

    3) I cannot tell you how many trips we had to make to the hardware store because there WERE NOT ENOUGH MACHINE SCREWS and other small hardware pieces provided.

    4) The acrylic pieces designed to both fix the x and y belts in place and tension them are poorly designed. It should be much easier to tension the belts and keep them tensioned. I suggest including on-belt tension springs with the kit as well.

    5) The z probe height relative to the nozzle tip should be mechanically adjustable. This is easily achievable with a couple 3D-printed parts, a spring, and a couple m3 machine screws.

    photos of chain configuration and z probe mechanical adjustment system here: m.imgur.com/a/fxHpJgh


    Thanks for your feedback. All has been noted and will be considered. Your feedback about the brass coupling and screw count has already been actioned upon with a new coupling and additional screws provided. With your point about the x and y belt tensioning, are you referring to the acrylic idler mount? It should be fairly easy to move the entire idler back in order to tension your belts.


    Well I just turned 16 and just started getting into cars. I dont know very much about them at all. So I need suggestions on where to start. I have a 93 SL or SL1, im not sure

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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