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I’m not so sure yet. I couldn’t quiet interpret or locate any skipping in that image you sent, possibly because I’m not familiar with your model. Can you please email me the gcode so I can familiarise myself? Those deviations don’t look like skipping. Skipping steps don’t recover themselves, those slight deviations appear to recover, indication another issue.

Did you move the X stepper driver to e2? What driver? What microstepping? Changed or same vref?

In my experience, when a pin dies, it’s dead and goes into a floating state, never high or low enough to function at all. With motor pins, this means in most cases I’ve encountered, the direction pin takes the hit, causing the motor to only work in one direction.

Your issue is different. The motor is clearly functioning well most of the time. If what I can see is true, and this isn’t in fact skipping rather a deviation from the path intended, this would indicate either one of the following is true:
1) Belts loose or slop in hotend assembly
2) rails dirty with debris
3) spurious noise interfering with motor direction (this ones a long shot).
4)uneven bed surface causing deviation. Left to continue, I Wonder if that deviation would continue up the wall of the print?
5)No chance these deviations are caused from inconsistent filament diameter or debris inside extruder hobbed gear?

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