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This may be a moment where you decide I’m not fit to run a 3D printer…I was looking at the pinout of the stepper drivers, Rumba vs GTR and it looks like they are different. Rumba is, from the top left corner of the board, 1B 1A 2B 2A. The GTR is, from the top left corner of the board, 1B 2B 2A 1A. Looking at your instructions for the Beast V2 the wiring for the steppers to the Rumba should be blk(1B), grn(1A), red(2A), blu(2B). Now I just plugged the stepper wires into the GTR board the same way as they were on the Rumba/Rumba32 but it looks like it should be blk(1B), blu(2B), grn(1A), red(2A). This certainly seems like this would cause the skipping of steps…am I correct?

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