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For what it’s worth, I changed back from TMC drivers after killing too many of them. My experience was similar to yours. Working perfectly until one day – skip city.

at 32x microstepping with 8825’s, you’ll find considerably more torque than that of a TMC driver at 64x +. Testing with gradual walled objects such as a vertically stretched pyramid, I was unable to tell the difference beyond 32x microstepping. For reasons of reliability alone, we decided to stick exclusively with 8825s for our new Elevator model.

Anecodally, I have a feeling that TMC drivers’ fragility is exposed when bad repeated skipping occurs – it appears to kill the driver.

Firmware and motherboard isn’t likely to cause skipping. In my experience, skipping occurs because of insufficient power, loose motor connections or dead driver. I’d not have advised changing boards to address this specific issue.

How did you rectify the heater issue? replace the heater cart?

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