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I’m still trying to dial out this blob I’m getting at the beginning of every extrusion. I’ve tried a coast at the end of each extrusion starting at 0mm > 4mm
Yikes!! no photos?!? I’ll try to explain but it may take a thousand words instead of a picture ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
With a coast at the end of an extrusion the blob does not decrease in size but just moves whatever the length of the coast is, that is 0mm coast the blob is at the end of the extrusion and at 4mm coast the blob is 4mm from the end of the extrusion. So no change in the blob with coasting, it must be at the beginning of the extrusion…let’s try adjusting the restart after a retraction at the start of the line. Starting with 6mm retraction and full restart the blob is there, all the way down to a 6mm retraction with a -8mm restart the blob is still there, it’s a little thinner but after the blob the extrusion is very thin, it takes about 15 mm to get to full extrusion. So what should I do to at least minimize if not do away with this blob? It seems that no matter what I do the blob is there regardless of coast or or restart distance and even with no retraction/restart it’s there! What’s more confusing, with all of the adjustments, it remains the same size!?!

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