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I’m upgrading to tmc5160 drivers with the board. Unfortunately there is another problem, Marlin only supports SPI with the tmc drivers and there is a bug in the board design detailed here https://github.com/Aus3D/RUMBA32/issues/23, https://github.com/makerbase-mks/MKS-RUMBA32/wiki/About-RUMBA32-TMC-SPI-%22CONNECTION-ERROR%22-FAQ and here https://github.com/makerbase-mks/MKS-RUMBA32/issues/2. I’m trying a the mod I outlined in the last post in the last link. The tmc driver comes with several of the legs snipped off on the top of the driver.[attachment=2]stock_snipped.jpg[/attachment] I removed the snipped pin-6 [attachment=1]remove_pin.jpg[/attachment]and added a full length pin back in[attachment=0]add_pin.jpg[/attachment] and then jumpered pin-6 to pin-5. This accomplishes what the mods outlined in the links above but without making any permanent changes to either the drivers or the board so switching drivers won’t involve any soldering, just a jumper on the driver. I won’t be able to do any testing until next week to see if this actually works.

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