Reply To: linear advance


Some more testing. I don’t know what is up with the Marlin firmware I’m using, according to the docs linear advance should be adjusted between 0-2 for v1.5 and 0-200 for v1. What I’ve found doing tests with whatever version I have works 0-10. Any value above 10 make no change. Based on this test I would chose line 1 or 2
However after testing on a cube to see what the corners look like I would go with 4 or 5. The cube starts at 0 and goes to 10 changing every 10 layers or every 2mm.
You can see the corner starts to deteriorate at a value of 5 and is completely gone by 10
At the higher k values the print starts to slow down quite a bit and the extruder is actually retracting. I guess I can up the jerk and acceleration to counteract the slowness?

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