Reply To: linear advance


M503 isn’t giving a full report including jerk? Can you please run M205 and show the output?

Please also take a screenshot of your repetier Host menu – “firmware eeprom configuration”? I’ve got a feeling (with marlin using repetier host) you might need to add an XML file to get it to list the full set of eeprom values . https://forum.repetier.com/discussion/6868/add-mk4duo-xml. Load that then – tools – firmware eeprom configuration. Does a different set of eeprom settings appear?

That xml file is for MK4duo firmware connected to Repetier Host. MK4duo is a *distant(ish)* Marlin 2.0 fork. I’m pretty sure there’s one for the trunk version of Marlin, if there is I can’t find it right now. My repetier host has definitely been modded with an MK4duo XML file. ** I could be on the wrong track, adding this file make make no difference. Not m on computer or near printer till tomorrow***

Also I notice your Lin advance K factor is .22??! This is a long way from 1.1 . Can you please make sure your have M900 K1.1 in your start gcode? Perhaps just run M900 K1.1 manually before your next print to be sure.

I’m on my phone at the moment but will check your log when I get to my PC tomorrow morning.

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