Reply To: linear advance


As per the firmware : Rumba. I’ve cut out many of the superfluous Marlin features which chew memory and it seems with the current configuration to have ample available. You’ll notice memory warnings on compilation when you start to enable more features – especially UBL bed leveling with high res grids. An ongoing issue with large printers, is that in order to get meaningful grid based bed leveling, they also need a large grid matrix to ensure the space between grid points is equivalent to that of printers with small beds. This results in a lot of memory usage which can cause stability issues.

The obvious solution is to switch to 32Bit Architecture. Sounds good on paper, but with my tests so far on ARM and DUE based processors, there’s always something major which doesnt work. 32 Bit firmware development is still in its infancy and there is a plethora of board specific issues. DUE boards, getting SD card AND LCD is an issue due to shared SPI. The ARM boards handle this better however they’re electronically more fragile – having fried about 5 stepper DIR pins so far with my tinkerings. Something which I never managed to do on Rumba boards no matter how hard I tried.

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