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The big print that failed and caused me to write this thread had a final shift in the Y axis of a couple mm, but before that there were micro-shifts, that I only caught at a later inspection, that seemed to be at quite random directions.

I am not going to print without heated bed since I use nano polymer adhesive, and it’s designed to stick at high temperature and detach at low temp, so the first layer would never stick without a heated bed.

I sent you pics of the first test cube on your email and asked for some advise on how to fix a few of the issues I see. Maybe my last email ended up in your spam folder? I didn’t print anything else after that, so far.

Anyway, I am now good on the microsteps for the extruder too, now. While waiting for the revised 2 in 1 firmware, I can use the single hot end one.

I have calibrated the stepper drivers Vref as well, so that I’m sure overheating is not a problem. I’ll print a few more test cubes trying to fix those issues I told you about on the email, and them try to reprint the big object.

Since it makes no difference, I’ll do that through SD card, so I can use my laptop in the meantime.

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