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This from the MM profile start script section, it may be easier to copy and paste this to a new file and call it setup.gcode, then run it before any other commands :

G28 ; home all axes

; Add Extruder 0 no mixing

M163 S0 P1

M163 S1 P0

M164 S0

; Add Extruder 1 no mixing

M163 S0 P0

M163 S1 P1

M164 S1

;End of file

You should then be able to select extruders with T0 or T1 and run G1 E100 to extrude 100mm.

In regards to your microstepping. Im really confused. Perhaps the problem was not running that code first? I doubt it but worth a try.

In terms of stepper drivers. Ive never seenthis V2 8825 driver before. Usually any purple or black DRV8825 will be a suitable replacement.

We may be on the wrong track. Maybe this is a gearing thing either with the motor being .9 degree steps or the titan gear. Thing is we havent changed extruder or motor suppliers for a long time, im certain id have seen this before. We need to figure out if this is actually moving in 16x or 32x, not that either would cause double extrusion during printing.

So heres a test, unplug X and plug it into E0, change e0 steps per mm to 80, preheat hotend, run the above gcode, select T0 and “extrude” 100mm. Does the X motor move 100mm? If so, it is infact in 16x and the motor must have .9 degree step angles. At least that will give us some clarity as to what is actually going on.

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