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dan wrote:

Use the LCD to extrude 100mm and PLEASE tell me what it measures (exactly).

I did the test through USB yesterday. I took the bowden tube out altogether to take that variable out of the equation and measured directly from the extruder hole. Exactly 100mm now, after going to 835 steps per mm, which apparently is not supposed to be the correct setting.

But I get over-extrusion at 835 steps per mm and extrusion multiplier = 1. I have to halve the extrusion multiplier to get back to a decent quality print, so my printer appears to be extruding the correct amount of filament for the print when it extrudes only 50 mm as a result of your test. I’m not sure what the reason might be for that.

dan wrote:

Also – should have checked before, but can you please verify all GT2 pulleys connected to the motor shafts are not slipping? If so tighten grub screws.

Checked that too. All tight.

dan wrote:

Also. Please move your bed down 100mm with the LCD and measure with a RULER to see if it actually traveled that far. Maybe a good idea to do that with your other Axes too. Please report the distances input and traveled of each.

All axes moved exactly 100mm

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