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Im almost certain your layer shifts are due to this issue. We need to get it rectified.

Here’s whats weird :

1)Your extruder steps per mm should be around 417.5 to extruder the correct amount of filament – yours is twice that. (I still havent seen the photo from under YOUR extruder stepper drivers – just the snip of the manual you posted.

2)When you go to print, magically the print by the sounds of it trys to extrude more – sounds like someone has compensated in their slicer profile and not set it back to 1.0

Here’s what I need. PLEASE do this. :

Preheat your hotend :

Remove the bowden tube from hotend

Use the LCD to extrude 100mm and PLEASE tell me what it measures (exactly).

Also – should have checked before, but can you please verify all GT2 pulleys connected to the motor shafts are not slipping? If so tighten grub screws.

This problem i have no doubt is ridiculously simple – the trouble is Im not there to see whats going on so its really important that you answer all questions and with things like failed prints, please post a picture -doing so will really help me to help you.

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