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Skipped steps can occur for a variety of reasons. A picture of your failed print would reduce the possibilities a lot.

Definitely reduce the power back to a normal level. Too much power can be a big issue for skipped steps.

Check my sticky post in this forum on setting VREF first.

Without seeing your print and based on what you’ve said. I’d be surprised if this isn’t one of the following:

Micro skips : Is there ANY slop in your hotend assembly? If you were to grab the nozzle and wiggle it with your fingers, is there any play? Check delrin tension / eccentric nuts and make sure everything is nice and right.

The big skip: .8mm nozzle, I’m wondering if any unwanted artefacts are entering the Z space? .8mm nozzle creates much bigger artefacts than .4mm making it much harder for the planar moving nozzle to jump over them, sometimes causing skips. Micro skips can also be observed if the nozzle is constantly “raking” over the surface. If this is the case, look for “z hop” in simplify3d and also consider “avoiding crossing perimeters “

Again, a photo here would help heaps

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