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Hi Dan, I pointed you to the wrong post. The issue I’m having

phongshader wrote:

when I print multi material on the 1st tool change the 2nd material never gets primed, that is when the 1st filament is changed the 2nd filament is 36mm away from the nozzle when it starts printing and I have to manually push the filament 36mm so that it extrudes to the purge block. Every tool change after that works as it should.

How do you have the Tool Change Script in S3D setup to work?

This would be nice to have

phongshader wrote:

I’ve been able to get prints that don’t string with a retraction around 3.5mm. However when I do a multi material print I get stringing between the purge block and the part. To get rid of that stringing I have to up the retraction to 12mm. Is there a way to setup S3D to only retract 12mm between the purge block and the part? There is a tool change retraction setting under Other in Process in S3D, 36mm retraction, but that is for actual filament change. There is no tool/filament change going from the purge block to the part.

This may be an S3D issue, hopefully you have some insight.

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