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If you haven’t already, download the simplify3D Multi Material profile from our website https://cultivate3d.com/firmware. I’ve just realized, the TC02 hotend has a shorter throat than the original TC-01 hotend so to fix your inconsistent tool changing, try making the tool change retraction distance 34mm instead of 41mm in the profile (ill update it when I return from holiday).

FYI this is pretty much all from memory as im on holiday at the moment and not near the office for another few days.

Start with a simple test cube and get your hotend printing 2 colours on the one object. IE one color for the perimeter, another for infill – this is all done with a single hotend profile from within simplify3D, just a matter of selecting the tool for the infill and another for perimeter for example. You’ll also need to use a purge block. Make sure you select the option to use a purge block for each of extruders to start off with. Yes its a massive waste, but remember you need to get a simple print working before approaching a Multi object print such as the wheel / hub example you sent earlier.

Once you’ve got that happening and maybe played with the size of the purge blocks, you’re ready to move onto multi object printing. This is where Simplify3D shows off its incredibly crap and confusing interface.

For this you will need 2 extruder profiles (bottom left of the screen in S3D) Make a duplicate of the main profile you just got working and ensure you include the scripts section (double check). Double click the first profile (bottom left), click select models and select only the hub from the list. Close that “select models” window. Next Ensure you have selected that you want all features, infill, perimeter, purge block etc to be printed with nozzle 1. Close that profile. Repeat this process, this time double clicking on the second copied profile, click select models, this time select the wheel from the list, close the list, then ensure all features, infill perimeter etc are to use the second “hotend”. Again, under both profiles, make sure you select that

you want to use a purge block.

The end result should be basically 4 objects, 1 wheel, 1 hub and 2 purge blocks.

If the size of your purge blocks becomes too disheartening. Very shortly, we will have you covered. Check our Instagram profile @Cultivate.3d for some images of a very soon to be released upgrade for all Cultivate3D printers allowing for multimaterial printing without compromise. I guess it’s difficult to explain unless you’ve used both a 1 nozzle 2 extruder system AND a 2 nozzle 2 extruder system. Suffice to say they both have major downsides. 2/1 its the purge block. 2/2 its the crap from out of use hotend oozing all over your print and making a mess which often ruins your print entirely. Our new MM system removes these downsides.

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