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I’m using these instructions here, https://www.instructables.com/id/Calibrating-your-3D-printer-using-minimal-filament/ at least they’re using Repetier. The values I’m getting for the extruder seem a bit off only because I would think the values in the firmware would be correct because you are dealing with a known quantity, that is you know the stepper micro stepping is set to 16x, the gear for the extruder is a known gear ratio…why, when I request an extrusion of 100mm would I only get 51.43mm? The firmware was set to 417.5 steps per mm, which seems right, I’ve seen you mention that number elsewhere. In order to get a 100 mm extrusion I needed to up the steps per mm to 820.63, also I needed to put in a value of -100 to get the extruder to extrude not retract. Something seems off but I’m probably wrong although having to enter a negative value to get a positive extrusion doesn’t seem right. A good write up in the manual would do wonders here ;)

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