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This looks correct to me. The SSR is connected to the 12v heater out . 12v Hester in is connected to 12v which typically runs ancillary power to a 12v heater, in this case it powers the relay and provides PWM. The thermistor connects to heated bed thermistor position, then 110-240v live wire goes through your SSR* (we always recommend getting your work checked by a qualified professional. Wired poorly, this can be dangerous.)

You’ll likely find more configuration options if you open the configuration.h file. The Rumba Pins are already mapped, so default pins should work fine. To test. Disconnect your AC power and run a MM in diode mode across the AC output. It should give a scratchy beep when the PWM fires up. It will start at max PWM and slow as it reaches and maintains target temperature. Turning everything on, you should fine a new icon for heated bed on your LCD. Before testing the SSR, make sure it’s monitoring properly.

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