Reply To: Missing V2 parts


Z motor and lead screw
[attachment=0]Screen Shot 2019-11-21 at 8.01.34 PM.png[/attachment]
I’m not sure of several things in this set of instructions. It calls for M3 slide in nuts, do you mean twist in? On the lower frame I can’t slide in nuts. Also the only M3 twist in nuts are for 2020 extrusion and don’t secure the bracket because they’re too small for the 3030 slots. the M3 washers provided are also too small in the outside diameter, they just pull through the slots of the nema 17 bracket. Another question where along the back end of the frame does the Z motor and lead screw go? There are no measurements, is it centered? Do I need to pick up some M3 3030 twist in nuts, M3 3030 slide in nuts, larger od M3 washers, and where does the Z motor and lead screw bracket go on the lower ear frame?

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