• Q: Why does your Kit build 3D Printer cost so much!
  • A: Because it’s big and has some really expensive parts : 2x Mosquito Magnum Hotends and 2x Bondtech BMG Extruders.  In fact even our silicone heated bed costs more than some 3D printers.  Comparatively, among large scale 3D printers, our printer is really really cheap.
  • Q: Once it ships, how long will it take to arrive?
  • A: Customers in the USA have 2 options : 1) Sea freight and 2) Air freight.  Sea freight will take around 45-60 days to arrive once shipped.  Its much cheaper than Air freight which will take around 3-5 days to arrive.
  • Q: Do you offer cheaper sea freight to non USA customers?
  • A: No.
  • Q: I’m Australian, how long will it take for mine to arrive once shipped?
  • A: A few days.
  • Q: Who pays import duty?
  • A: Generally, you do.  If applicable, you’ll be contacted by a shipping agent when the goods arrive in your country.
  •  Q: How much will the import duty cost?
  • A:  At the time of writing, for the USA customers, there should be no import duty according to https://hts.usitc.gov/?query=8479.89.9499 .  Otherwise,  import duty varies from country to country.  Please check with your local customs authority to obtain an indication.      The HTS code for our products is 8479.89.9499 .
  • Q: Can I expedite shipping of my order?
  • A: Only if you get in early.  First come, first served.  We have the capacity to ship around 20 orders a week.
  • Q: Im in the USA and want the Seafreight option.  Will I have to bother with customs clearance?
  • A: No. Our Sea freight option includes door-to-door delivery.  You may however be contacted by our agent throughout the process to collect import duty prior to delivery.
  • Q: What if I need parts?
  • A: Good question… One of our major design considerations is to use off-the-shelf components where possible.  This helps keep the cost of the product down.  A such, most of the parts of this printer kit can be purchased on eBay, Amazon or Aliexpress.  Parts manufactured here at Cultivate3D can be replaced by sending an email to us. We’re happy to help with parts, even with older printers.
  • Q: Are parts expensive?
  • A: If ordered from us, we only charge the incidental costs of supplying parts.  We want your 3D Printer to keep working as much as you do.
  • Q: Warranty?
  • A: 12 Months parts – non consumable (Stepper Drivers, Nozzles, Heater Cartridges and Thermistors not included) .
  • Q:  What if I want to customise the size of the printer?
  • A: Contact us.  Incidental additional costs such as shipping and materials will apply.   Customised orders may take longer to dispatch.
  • Q: Stepper drivers?  Why DRV8825?  Why not TMC?
  • A: Torque and reliability.  If you want Silent TMC drivers, we’re happy to swap all except for the Z motor driver at no cost.  We have tested a variety of TMC drivers and cannot replicate the reliability of DRV8825 drivers.  At the higher microstepping supported by TMC drivers, torque is reduced significantly, increasing the chance of skipped steps.  Further, TMC drivers at high microstepping can cause your printer to freeze when printing complex objects at 64-256 microstepping with high speed – not something you want to happen on large prints.    (We have tested TMC2100, TMC2208 and TMC2209 driviers).
  •  Q: Can I get Medusa for my current printer?  
  • A: There’s a good chance you can!  Medusa will be available through our website Cultivate3D.com in October for a range of printers with Makerslide, 4020 rails and 2020 X rails.  This includes all Beast V1 and 2 3D printers, most Creality printers, Tronxy and more.   Some additional wiring will be required for the servo and second hotend.  If you’re unsure if you can get it to work on your print, just ask! Our support is here to help.

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