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With a 32Bit Bigtreetech GTR mainboard, dual function touch screen LCD , Bondtech BMG extruders and Slice Mosquito Magnum hotends, we can’t imagine what you’d want to change, but if you do find something to improve – no problem!

Utilising open source Marlin firmware, running on a 32 Bit STM32F4 BigTreeTech GTR electronics platform, its easy to keep your printer up to date. Plenty of spare pins are available on the motherboard to facilitate future hardware additions. Further, the printer gantry can easily be swapped to suit alternative hotend / extruder systems if required.  Nothing proprietary, you’re free to mod your printer with just about any off the shelf component you can find. The GTR board can be extended to support up to an additional 5 extruders. 

Why did we chose the BigTreeTech GTR mainboard?

Simple answer : Because its the best 3D Printer mainboard money can buy.  

Long answer : Knowing this industry, an absolute requirement is modular stepper drivers.  The ability for the user to replace dead stepper drivers is a must – they do die.  If your board doesn’t have modular drivers, you have no choice but to rewire and replace your entire board when the inevitable dead stepper driver happens.  We needed a board capable of a minimum 6 modular stepper drivers, 32 Bit with Touch Screen support and RELIABLE. 

Here’s what we tested before deciding on the BTT GTR board :

Ultratronics Pro : Promising, yet fragile and poor Marlin support.  We killed a number of Stepper driver direction pins.  Further, the limitations (and development resources) of MK4Duo firmware and the Touch screen options, lead us to look further afield.  There just isn’t enough developers working on the MK4Duo project – although we’re watching that space closely.

MKS Rumba : Again an easy choice, we know these boards inside and out.   Using an 8 bit board, despite the reliability, they’re becoming deprecated in the 3D printer industry.  We need to move to 32 bit.  

Rumba 32 : An easy choice for us.  We’ve been using Rumba 8 bit boards for years.  Very familiar board design, reliable, yet for the price, under featured.

BigTreeTech SKR Pro : Great features, fragile as hell.  Dead pins everywhere. For no apparent reason.  It appears they don’t like stepper motors skipping steps.  After  soldering on numerous replacement processors, each dying in the same way we put this board in the trash heap.  

And finally, BigTreetech GTR : Compared to the SKR Pro (Slightly different processor, less pins), this board is super reliable.  No surprises, everything works as it should and super extensible.  Unlike the Rumba and Rumba 32, BigTreeTech have mapped just about every single pin on this board, making it easy to connect after market add-ons.  You can connect every add on module you can imagine to this board.  Wifi, UPS Print resume, Touchscreen and 12864 LCD,  very easy to configure TMC stepper drivers (no jumper wires) and great Marlin 2.x support.  Seriously.  They’ve thought of everything!

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