About Us

Cultivate3d is a small business based on the Gold Coast in Queensland Australia. It is run by two Industrial Engineers with a passion for the amazing possibilities 3d Printing presents.  Both Josh and Dan have spent years tinkering and constructing their own brand of customised Large format 3D Printers and have now released “The Beast”, “The Beast V2” and “Elevator” – each the result of 1000’s of hours of testing and tweaking.

Why We Do What We Do

During our own 3D Printer builds we found it very hard to locally source supplies and parts for our various 3D Printer projects, as a result we found ourselves importing many parts from all around the world.

We saw an opportunity to make a profit from our passion and began Cultivate3D.com selling parts and printers around the world.

We spend our profits on experimenting with new designs and techniques.  Both Josh and Dan have designed and built large format 3D Printers; Josh’s Cartesian “The Beast” and Dan’s 2m Tall Delta “BigDan”. The best of these designs (The Beast) has been put to market and incorporates 1000’s of hours of R&D all funded from the sale of 3D Printer parts through Cultivate3D.  


It’s our goal to make 3d printing accessible to as many people as possible throughout the world and strive to do this by creating printers that are affordable, easy to use and well documented.

We don’t believe in needlessly making our printers more expensive with fancy case designs, by doing so, we are able to keep our printers modular, modifiable and focus our efforts on the things that really matter to 3D printers – quality, function and speed. 

Customer Service

We aim to make your 3d printing project as enjoyable as possible by sharing with you our extensive knowledge of 3D printer construction and use. 

With our combination of quality products and extensive 3D printing knowledge you can expect to realise your 3D printing ideas at a very reasonable price.

If you have any questions related to any of the products we produce and sell, please feel free to drop us a line.  Contact details are available on our “Contact Us” page.  

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