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Elevator isn't "just" another big 3D printer. Each Elevator and Elevator Naked features the following :

Hotend / Extruders

• 2 x Industry Leading Hotends / Extruders.
• Genuine Slice Engineering Mosquito Magnum.
• Genuine Bondtech BMG Extruders.
• Maximum Hotend output 30 mm^3/sec.
• One hand nozzle change.
• Compared to V6 Hotends – Low propensity for heat creep – even in a heated environment.
• Hotends use standard V6 type nozzles.
• Print with almost any material imaginable.


• Cultivate3D’s own Medusa Multi Material Switching System saves tons of material and time.
• Tool change, ready to print in .6 seconds.
• Out of use hotend is instantly blocked while not in printing position preventing ooze.
• Dual Flexible CNC Hose (Locline) Part Cooling.
• Integrated super reliable bed probe.
• High quality editable bed mapping. Map once.
• Light weight gantry.


• Entirely Belt Driven = No Z wobble!
• Nema 23 Braked Z Motor – stops crash on power out.
• Extruders on rails – keeps bowden tubes as short as possible.
• Dual Mode Touch Screen / LCD – Old or new interface? Its your choice at the touch of a button.
• Scaleable build volume. Standard size 1000x660x500mm – Want a different build volume – larger or smaller? Contact Us.


Elevator Fully Enclosed. Kit Build and Fully Assembled

Elevator Naked. Kit Build and Fully Assembled

Standard Build Volume1000w x 660d x 500h (mm)
Extruders2x Bondtech BMG
Hotends2x Slice Mosquito Magnum
Multi Material SystemMedusa
Motherboard Bigtreetech GTR 32 Bit
Positional Accuracy X Y6 Micrometer (160 Steps per mm)
Positional Accuracy Z4 Micrometer (240 Steps per mm)
FirmwareMarlin 2.x
ControllerTouch Screen and native Marlin
ConnectivitySD Card, USB, Wifi (optional)
Resume on Power OutYes – UPS required to park printer
Filament runout sensorsYes
Automatic Bed MappingYes, Unified Bed Leveling
Heated BedYes, Supplied (SSR Software Controlled)
Build PlatformNo – Not supplied
Stepper Motors X1x Nema 17
Stepper Motors Y2x Nema 17
Stepper Motors Z1x Nema 23
Power110/240v 250w
Power Heated Bed110/240v 3500w *Duty cycle reduced to 1500w
Assembly requiredYes. Full assembly and wiring
SupportYes. Unlimited free support

Medusa in Detail

Why is it important?


An integral part of what makes Elevator so good, Cultivate3D’s own Medusa is a Multi Material Printing System which switches hotends almost instantly while blocking the nozzle of the out of use hotend. Medusa also doubles as bed probe, exposing a highly accurate and reliable micro switch while in a neutral position.


Because traditional Multi Material Printing is an incredibly wasteful process. Medusa solves this problem.

Medusa switches material infinitely faster than “IDEX” multi material systems, saving tons of time each Multi Material print. Eg. with IDEX systems, a 25 second hotend change, twice each layer over a 2500 layer print will consume around 34 hrs – what a waste! On the same print, Medusa will consume 0.8hrs while changing hotends.

On the other hand, a typical single nozzle, dual input (2/1), multi material hotend requires a ~35x35mm SOLID purge block to be printed along side each Multi Material print.  This wasteful purge block consumes 14g of filament PER CM of Z height regardless of your print size.   Medusa does away with this waste as it does not require a purge block or ooze shield.

Example of an ooze shield (right)
Before (right) and After (left) an example of the wasteful ooze shield. Wastes printing time and filament.
This purge block (right) is solid and weights significantly more than the target print. What a waste!

High Res Bed Mapping

We’ve done away with unreliable touch sensors! Our Bed Leveling Microswitch is highly accurate, highly repeatable and (unlike touch sensors), highly reliable. It works on a variety of bed surfaces, hot or cold, with the same reliability and repeatability.

This means, run the Automatic bed mapping routine once and forget about it. It also means “babystepping” isn’t required as print-on-print the nozzle will always return to the same Z position.

Money cant buy a better hotend.

Still struggling with V6 hotends? Random hotend blockages for no apparent reason? So were we. For years. Then we discovered Slice Engineering Mosquito Magnum Hotends. Designed to address the difficulties with existing technology such as heat creep, Mosquito hotends are infinitely more reliable. Need we say more?

Changing nozzles can be a one handed task, no more gripping your (hot) heaterblock with pliers while unscrewing the nozzle with a spanner, slipping and snapping off wires. Unlike V6 hotends, Mosquito Hotends aren’t slot mounted and don’t rotate. One spanner is all it takes to change the nozzle. Easy.

See, one hand.
Notice the instant change in heat between the heater block and cold zone? This prevents heat creep blockages.


Medusa makes Multi Material Printing virtually waste free. It saves time and filament waste by quickly swapping tools and blocking the out-of-use hotend.

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