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Heated Bed Instructions

1) Fit the aluminium brackets to the front and rear bed holders with captive T-Slot Nuts and M3 12mm Screws. (Note some models require M5 12mm Screws and modified acrylic bed holders).  

2) Carefully align and center the Heated Bed before removing the adhesive backing and sticking to the center of the Borosilicate print bed.

3) As the heatbed is made from silicon, it should not require fixing to the aluminium brackets.  It should simply sit securely on top of the aluminium bracket as shown with the temperature controller at the front / middle of the printer.  

4) Connect an IEC 19 Cable (not supplied) to the heatbed and set temperature to 100 degrees.  During the first heat cycle, smoke will appear from the heatbed as the adhesive sets.  During this phase, the heatbed may pull away from the bed.  Carefully re-adhere the bed to the glass as this occurs.  Once the adhesive has set properly, the bed should no longer pull away from the glass.