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Large 3D Printer the Beast by Cultivate 3D

4x Multiple Extruders capable of simultaneously printing 4x identical objects or Multi material up to 3 colours on a single print
Fast Print TIme up to 10x faster print time*
50 Micron Layer Height miniscule 0.02mm minimum layer height
Large Build Volume 470 x 435 x 690 mm BUILD VOLUME

25.2 x 19.9 x 15mm
470 x 435 x 690mm

Greater than 470 x 435 x 690mm Build Area

The Beast's enormous build area allows users to print objects that have never before been possible on a printer with such a low price point.

Our hope is for "The Beast" to make many previously unattainable projects and prints possible and to make it accessible to as many makers, inventors, DIY enthusiasts and artists as we can.

Multiple Extruder 3D Printer.  Synchronous 3D Printing

High Speed and Simultaneous Printing or Multi Material

The Beast's ability to simultaneously print 4 identical objects or groups of objects will enable small scale manufacturing capabilities at a fraction of the cost of 4 individual 3D printers.

The Beast effectively cuts print times by 4 when printing simultaneously. 4x Synchronous printing combined with a high speed rail system and Bowden extruders means "The Beast" is capable of producing prints upwards of 10x faster than other FDM (filament type) 3D printers. The speed of printing can be increased even more by changing to a larger nozzle.

4x Printing also enables the user to print 4 of the same object/s at the same time with different colours or materials

The Beast can also be configured to print with multiple materials on a single print, allowing for different colours on a single print, or different material and nozzles sizes to be used in different parts of the print. For example: .2mm nozzle for external perimeters and 1mm nozzle for infill.

The Beast 3D Printer can print multiple items at the one time

High Resolution Prints

Taking advantage of high quality lead screws and belts, we are able to achieve positional resolutions of 0.00125mm in the Z direction (up and down) and 0.00625mm in the X and Y directions (left, right, back and forward).

The images below give you an accurate idea of the immaculate fine detail "The Beast" is capable of. These images were not manipulated.

CLose up 3D Prints. THe Beast is a very large scale 3D Printer, capable of producing very fine, large prints

Print in massive scale!

For those who have owned 3D printers of any kind before, we're all aware of process of splitting large prints into smaller pieces to get them to fit on the print bed. The Beast boasts and enormous 470 x 435 x 690mm build area - that's big enough to print a single child, two full size Basketballs or four Radio Control Transmitters... at the same time!

Hard Copy Documentation

As we’re all aware, one of the most painful aspects of buying a cutting edge product can be the lack of support. At Cultivate3d we're here for you all the way. From the moment you unbox your printer, you’ll appreciate the quality and time we’ve spent documenting the entire build and printing process.

We made our manual everything a great manual should be. A full colour printed manual, clearly labelled components, clear crisp images with parts references lists on every page and detailed instructions written in simple language.

We back that up with phone, live chat and email support as well as a range of online videos to help you through the process 24hrs a day.

Highly Modifiable

"The Beast" is constructed using commonly available parts, allowing for easy modification to suit the specific needs of all users. Whatever your field, we are confident the simple but highly functional design will lend itself to many different customised applications.

We also will be more than happy to provide the CAD files for the printers parts to further to facilitate the customization of the printer.

Good Value For Money

You’ll probably notice "The Beast" isn't covered with a fancy case design. We don’t want "The Beast" to be a design statement, we want "The Beast" to be the best at what it does without costing a fortune. We spent our time and money making your investment a fast, precise production printer.

Comparison to similar machines.

3d systems CUBE Pro


THe Beast - Cube Comparison the beast replicator comparison the beast Makerbot Z18 comparison the beast - volume comparison stacker
Unit Price $4,799 USD (Without Delivery) Unit Price $2,899 USD (Without Delivery) Unit Price $6,499 USD (Without Delivery) Unit Price $7,999 USD (Without Delivery - assembly required)
285.4 x 270.4 x 230mm
Build Area
252 x 199 x 150mm
Build Area
305 x 305 x 457mm
Build Area
255 x 458 x 600mm
Build Area
17750cm3 Cubic Build Volume 7522cm3 Cubic Build Volume 42512cm3 Cubic Build Volume 70074cm3 Cubic Build Volume
$0.176 Cost per cubic cm $0.659 Cost per cubic cm $0.259 Cost per cubic cm $0.107 Cost per cubic cm
No Simultaneous Object Printing No Simultaneous Object Printing No Simultaneous Object Printing 4x Simultaneous Object Printing
70 Microns Best Layer Resolution 100 Microns Best Layer Resolution 100 Microns Best Layer Resolution 100 Microns Best Layer Resolution
3x Extruder Support 1x Extruder Support 1x Extruder Support 4x Extruder Support
Difficult to modify hardware and software Difficult to modify hardware and software Difficult to modify hardware and software Difficult to modify hardware
Proprietary Software Proprietary Software Proprietary Software Open Source Software
*All prices and specifications sourced from primary vendors of respective products. Details may have changed since the publication of this material on 09/09/2016.

Makerbot Replicator Gen5


Makerbot Z18





4x Synchronous or Multi Material Printing, Large Build Volume, High Precision, LCD Controller, SD Card and USB Printing
FDM (Fused Deposition Modelling)
470 x 435 x 690mm
230 x 435 x 690mm
230 x 214 x 690mm
4x Extruder / Hotend Support
<20 microns
(J-Head Model) - PLA, ABS - (E3D Model) All Filament types available
Yes - Optional
Yes Contactless Bed Probe Included
Yes. Easy to modify / upgrade
Bowden (Included) or Direct Drive (Optional)
Supplied with either 4x Merlin (Standard) or 2x E3D V6. Compatible with many other commercially available hotend types.
0.25-1mm Available
Extruded Aluminium, Laser Cut Acrylic, 304 Stainless Steel, ABS
Soda Lime Glass
Nema 17 84oz.in 2 Amp
6.25 Microns
1.25 Microns
(w)690 x (d)715 x (h)1110mm (30Kg Approx)
USB, SD Card
110-240v USA, UK, AUS Power Cable
Supplied with Repetier Host and Slic3r
Windows, OSX, Linux
.STL and .GCode


Each "The Beast" 3D Printer (both Pre-Built and DIY Kit) comes professionally packaged to ensure your investment is protected during transit.

We are prepared to ship world wide, however we have initially only included shipping options for some countries, if your country is not listed, please contact us so we can add an option for your country. (Through the "Contact Me" Link at the top of the page).

We will pay all freight costs, however please be aware, additional Taxes and charges may be incurred depending on your country / location. It is your responsibility to pay any additional taxes and charges.

The Beast Multi Extruder 3D Printer Shipping Options